Thank you, Mom! The Role Moms Play in Children’s Lives

From the moment that a child is born, there is a special connection that is formed between the child and their mom. Moms are important for so many reasons--they are a built-in life best friend, they are a backbone for their children, and they always know exactly what their child needs in order to grow and be successful. A mother’s support and presence in a child’s life is important to their overall development and can greatly impact how they are shaped emotionally. Here are some of the ways that moms play a big role in their child’s life:

  • Emotional development. Moms can help their child to grow and develop emotions that will be important for their social skills for their entire life. They will teach the concept of unconditional love; no matter what happens or what the child does, their mom will always love them just the same. They will teach their child how to feel, and express their feelings, as well as how to listen to others and recognize the feelings of those surrounding them.

  • Trust and security. As the child continues to grow, moms will be able to teach them about trust and feeling secure. Moms will always protect their children, no matter the cost! This will allow for their child to always feel like they are safe and taken care of when they are with their mom, and that their mom will always have their best interest at heart. Knowing that their mom truly wants the best for them will allow them to put full trust into her, and thus learn how to put full trust in others as they begin to form relationships.

  • Nurturing. Lastly, the child will learn what it means to nurture and what it means to be nurtured from their mom. Whether the child is sick, having a bad day or is feeling sad or anxious about something, moms always know how to both physically and emotionally help the child.

Take time during the holiday season to appreciate your mom and all that she does for you!