Why Do Play Dates Matter for Young Kids?

As your child begins to develop more, their social experience will become extremely important to their overall development and health. Although they will be socializing with their parents, siblings and family members, it is important to allow them to have socialization with other children. Socializing with other children will not only help your child to be able to figure out social situations, it will also allow them to practice mastering the social skill, which they will need as they grow. Not to mention, play dates are extremely fun for young children, and also offer benefits for the parents, as well! 

Here are a few reasons why play dates are crucial for your children, and for you! 

  • Plain and simple, play dates are fun. Once you find the perfect match for your child to have a play date with, your child will have an absolute blast exploring another child’s personality and hobbies. Your child will feel as if they have their own life while engaging in games with their play date buddy. This will allow them to not only enjoy themselves, but grow confidence as well! 

  • Play dates can teach your child how to feel emotion. During play dates, your child will gain a deeper connection with their play date buddy, and, ultimately, learn more about what it is like to feel emotional connections towards others. In gaining this emotional connection, your child might be more willing to share their toys with their buddy, or play other games that they may normally not want to. Sharing and compromising are important lessons that your child will carry with them as they grow older. 

  • Play dates allow for new experiences. If a play date is hosted at another family’s home, your child will have the opportunity to grow during new experiences, with new people! Every family performs their daily tasks in different and unique ways, and it is beneficial for your child to see how different families act, so your child can learn how to adapt in those situations. 

  • Play dates can give parents a break! Play dates offer benefits for parents, as well! If you are not hosting the play date, this will give you the opportunity to take a much needed break, or get things done around the house that you have been putting off!